What to cook from Chestnut more

396 - 60м 10
Dish of the Jewish kitchen. Khoyagusht is such a casserole, the name of which reveals a portion of its components: hoy - eggs, gusht - meat. Preparing for a dinner party, where were the Americans. What can I say? DELICIOUS!!! Well, of course! At the wedding of singer Alsu this dish was served famous guests, and there it was a huge success. And Americans liked, but they don't know Alsou. Village!
Pork in a sauce of port wine
327 3 40м 6
Carne de porco com vinho do Porto. One of the most famous Portuguese wines - port wine of Porto. There is a whole collection of recipes "port". One of these very original recipes I want to share. Pork tenderloin, chestnuts, port wine, coffee... If you're interested, then you here!
Quail (chickens) with sauce rose
283 5 60м 4
Another recipe from the love collection (collection Aphrodite), as I promised the fans of the chestnut trees. Roast the bird with a flavorful sauce. Chestnuts in the recipe you can substitute potatoes. Only mashed potatoes to make thinner than usual. Recipe taken from the book by Mexican writer Laura Esquivel "Like water for chocolate"
Petey in Sheki
270 4.3 240м 3
Petey-the national soup. Rich, delicious, aromatic, without problems. There is Piti in Baku, but... tonight isn't about him.
Chicken with chestnuts
242 3 120м 4
The recipe for this dish gave me one colleague Donna Emilia :) Now we call this dish - the chicken from Donna Emilia. Pasta pepper here is sold in all stores, its in Portugal, used for many dishes, but thanks to the scullion from our site Nadia, I made it myself. Only by replacing hot peppers, red sweet Bulgarian. Nadia, thank you so much! Now can please home simply divine things :) Chestnuts in ancient times was the main and most widely used starch and containing the product in Europe before the advent of the potato. The taste is reminiscent of chestnut potatoes, only a little denser and sweeter. Recently in a local culinary magazine I read that for this recipe in Portugal decided to do a pheasant.
212 - 480м 20
A recipe of one of my Board books of Elder hankishieva. This fragrant and very unusual soup - "timeless classics of the East". It is cooked in ceramic pots. My pot was busy "Moonshine". Therefore, cooked in a saucepan.

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