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What to cook from Seeds more

1.8k - 30м 5
The court-bouillon is used for boiling clams, shrimp, and fish. Well, very flavorful!
Verrini Japanese-style "lost in translation"
0.9k - 60м 5
Continue to enjoy your set of Marinov and benefit from it. Today, my engineering thought turned towards me his beloved Japanese cuisine. If we ask the Japanese to do sushi in a glass, he will see us mad. But for Europeans, this option can be very attractive. Elegant form, effective presentation and the taste of real sushi!
Carrot bread
0.8k - 1000м 2
Beautiful and healthy rye-wheat sourdough bread. Recently got into baking, first baking in the bread machine, then used the recipes to bake in the oven. I loved to bake bread and I decided to raise the level - raised sourdough for baking unleavened bread. Every weekend now I'm looking for new recipes and my house fills with the smell of fresh bread. This recipe I found in the blog Anna973 apparently it is some famous character in the environment of bakers. I'm not too experienced Baker, but since I found this recipe, not the Cook, I decided to photograph the cooking process and add the recipe! Sorry for such a looong preamble, let's get finally to the preparation of bread!
Chia pudding with granola and fruit
0.8k - 840м 4
Incredibly delicious and healthy dessert which is very simple to prepare. Be sure to try. You will not regret.
Pumpkin amaranth porridge
0.7k - - -
Amaranth seeds pleasantly crackled, and the banana flavor made my morning memorable! Once in the store I caught the eye of amaranth, so I decided to try it. For the first time has not caused any emotions, then I guess I didn't really have a taste. But now I love it. I think the combination of pumpkin and banana flavor of these "seed of the Incas" can be a great to Supplement. But the benefits of this cereal once again and can not speak. So I invite you to look :).
Crackers rustic
0.7k - - -
These crackers are not for losing weight... since in the goose fat or lard. But no eggs and almost no sugar. But they are very tasty and rassypchatyh... Offer you three options: normal, with flax seeds and sesame seeds, and sugar... But can make them quite salty and spicy...

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