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This Cossack dish recipe I saw in the newspaper "Skatert-Samobranka", loved the combination of vegetables and lamb and was very juicy.
Behi Dimlama
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What is DIMLAMA? (dimlama ... domlama...) I didn't know myself until yesterday. It so happened that he arrived on Christmas day MASTER (see the topic about the Risotto) and we decided to cook for the Christmas table a few dishes. One of them - this is DIMLAMA. The name comes from the Uzbek DULLES – steamed, warm up. Then prepare a dish of meat and vegetables that is steamed. But not a water bath, and for a few... in General, all will see, if enough patience to browse through the end. I must say that there are several ways to prepare this dish. Therefore, the possible experts do we have here. If you have other recipes or ways, what is called - IN the STUDIO! While we imagine Dimlama Behi or Dimlama with quince.
Ribs with vegetables in a mini-tagine
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An exotic dish in all respects: the meat turned out tender, despite that game. Found in the taste and sharpness in the taste. Unusual, but tasty.
Lamb ribs in Korean
191 - 80м 6
This way the marinade is prepared for the first time. The combination of Apple and soy sauce gave an Oriental taste to the dish. And, of course, the wine "sherry" made the meat soft and juicy.
My soup
170 5 150м 16
My second half of the first dishes he prefers soup, ready to eat for Breakfast, lunch, and dinner. I offer you a version of my Borschik, beloved husband.
Solyanka with smoked meat
156 - 40м 6
This is a classic recipe soups, with the exception of meat. Nika potatoes, rice, and barley... Only, the one, unique taste.

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