Chocolate candy bar

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Cake "Snickers"
137 - - 9
Most of all I love Snickers bars, ice-cream, don't know how I ever lived without Snickers cake, on the websites of the many recipes under the same name, and this is nowhere else found, and searched. A cake for true chocolate stunning chocolate cake with nuts, tender karamelnaya cream and, of course, lots and lots of Snickers.
Cupcake "Shokko-kokosa"
123 4 - -
Try to cook this delicious cake.
Cupcakes with Snickers bars
116 - - -
If you love Snickers candy bars, these cupcakes are for you. A delicious festive feed.
Cake "Temptation"
113 - 60м 16
How to describe the temptation? This feeling is alluring, mesmerizing, haunting, from which it is impossible to get rid of. These are the feelings that arose in me at the sight of this recipe. An overwhelming desire to drop everything and run to the kitchen to cook! I'm sure most tender, delicious, airy cake will seduce you, dear cooks!
Dessert "of coffee one-stop" without baking
113 5 20м 1
It is very fragrant, airy coffee cake for those who love coffee.
Chic ice cream
104 - - 8
First, this ice cream has a gorgeous chocolate-creamy taste with additives. And secondly, its elegant easy to prepare. Can't believe it, but it is NOT necessary to mix in the freezing process. It has such a fantastic structure that does not form large crystals. The ice cream is soft, delicate and velvety. One word - gorgeous ))) This ice cream worthy of any holiday table.

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