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Sausage without skin "For 150 rubles"
1k 5 - -
All people are divided into those who like sausage and those who it hides, but still loves. I belong to the first. Love the sausage. Different, tasty and real meat. That is why I started to cook it myself. The difficulty in the preparation of homemade sausages in the sausage casing and the device in order for it to fill. It all is expensive and tricky. But there is a way! All the same sausage can be cooked without the shell in the form of meat loaf. The taste is not reflected, but greatly saves time and budget! But that's not all. The beauty of homemade sausage that its output in relation to raw meat is 100%. That is how it was raw meat so much sausage at the exit and turns. And finally a plus in favor of homemade sausage is that you can cook it from a very cheap meat, like pork knuckle. We have pork knuckle without bone sold at a cost of 150 rubles per kilogram, in my opinion it is more than the budget for such Goodies!
Pressed pig ears
363 - 140м 4
A terrific appetizer for lovers of crunch!
Home red Brawn with sauce
125 - - -
If you are a lover of black pudding, then this recipe you will like it and hopefully useful to you. Red Brawn called meat loaf out of the blood with various additives. A lot of writing makes no sense - who loves, he will understand. Special piquancy and aroma that gives Brawn sauce "Mach".
The delicacy of pork rind "Zabaykalsky"
117 - 75м -
Just pork skin - product is junk, who has boiled it will be, but a little imagination - and on the table a delicacy. It turns out the original puff appetizer of pork skins, moderately elastic, moderately soft, fragrant Yes pretty. Cheap and so cheerful that everybody likes. We pressed pork rinds make the local mills and call them a snack in the village, the taiga. And I'm at home I cook to your taste - spicy, fragrant to. Very good flies for a glass of icy vodka, no one refuses.
Homemade Brawn
115 - 135м 10
Want to bring to your attention the recipe from the "don't hurry to throw it away if you have...". before buying on the pork market, for example, podcherevok, I always threw a pig's skin-just did not see any use for it. until I read in one of Ukrainian cooking magazine recipe is very budget-friendly and delicious alternative to sausages from the store. recommend!
Rustic delicacy with wine
106 - 200м 6
The base recipe is from the Latvian meat processing plant was for my family a great alternative to the classic aspic.

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