Sesame paste

What to cook from Sesame paste more

Fish baked in tahini sauce "Somon bil tahina"
0.9k - 30м 1
I think salmon is loved by many. Not only for its taste but also for their health benefits! As if it is not cooked, it always remains juicy and tender.... delicacy, in one word!! Love and cook salmon in the Eastern countries, only with its Eastern twist. You can also try this.
Eggplant with tahini
361 4 20м -
Salad Arabic style, or a little about the cuisine of the Middle East.
Air brittle
357 4 - -
One of the varieties of Oriental sweets. Such strange words, and so dizzy... It's a sweet light cookies don't need baking, mix the flour with different additives, and then to think, and what we get? But what can happen if we try to connect these components, you want to know?
Homos or hummus
196 - - -
Pasta is the basis of homos of peas (chickpeas, garbanzo beans). Excellent Breakfast, dinner just as an appetizer.
177 4 150м -
Just wanted to invite you to see what rolls I make their home.
The barley for a good mood at Breakfast
166 - 540м 1
Krupa has always been the perfect ingredient to start a productive day, but without additives it is not tasty and boring. Agree? Then, for variety, I advise to try here are useful combinations)

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