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What to cook from Nectar more

Stroiteley cheesecake with red currants
0.5k - 120м 12
In the middle of the season red currants could not treat you and myself on tasty new pastries! Curd, more like silk cream, crumbly and crispy dough, our beautiful red currants! Help yourself, dear!
Cake with peaches
248 5 120м 10
Sand cake with peach flavor
Cocktail Safe Sex on the Beach
216 - - 1
I'm sure many familiar popular cocktail Sex on the Beach - "Sex on the beach", but not everyone likes or can drink alcohol. If you're one of those people, it does not mean that you will not be able to enjoy one of the most popular cocktails. I suggest you try a soft option or a "Safe sex on the beach" ))) For the contest "Burnt by the sun"
Yellow smoothie "Exotics"
198 - - -
My family loves smoothies. St. the son has accustomed us to this magical drink. No evening without a smoothie, we can not do. I offer you this exotic, incredibly fragrant, thick smoothie.
Cupcake with melon and agave nectar
175 - 60м 10
I would like to dedicate this recipe Masha Maraki84, which was published a few months ago the recipe for melon Kaka. The idea of using melons in the cakes I liked, I began to experiment and created my own recipe of a completely new and unusual. The taste and aroma of agave nectar perfectly balanced with melon, and the texture of the cake turns out so light and crumbly that I want to eat it again and again.
Drink "Summer nectar"
158 - 5м -
Refreshing summer drink.

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