What to cook from Nectarine more

Cake "cottage Cheese ballad"
240 5 - -
Very quick to prepare and equally quick to eating cottage cheese cake without flour, which you can please yourself, guests, and most importantly our kids, who did not want to eat cottage cheese, but in the form of cake is quite another matter :) a Small layer of biscuit, covered with a large number of the most delicate and fragrant of bananas, thick chocolate cottage cheese pudding layer, a layer of juicy nectarine. Thick layer of delicate, fresh cheese with jelly, and crowning all this tenderness and utility of a small amount of cream from the sour cream with condensed milk.
Sponge cake with peaches and kiwi
217 3 60м 16
Summer cake with fresh fruit (but you can with canned fruit).
Cheesecake "Delight"
209 4 - -
This pie is like for those who don't like cheese.. and, of course, and is dedicated to: delicate sweet.. sand.. pieces.. a bit of nectarine nuts (cashew), which in the finished cake purchase.. unusual taste combination of vanilla and chocolate cheesecake fillings.. a little sesame seeds... well, very delicious and healthy cake, which is so desirable to have another piece of this pie every day.. but on a festive table it is a great success
Plum-nectarine sorbet with raspberries
202 - - -
Summer is not summer without this icy dessert! We have now is so hot that no sorbet cannot do. Tasty, easy, useful and... cool. Try it ;)
Pancakes "With love"
187 5 30м -
The husband requested pancakes.. BUT then my desire to experiment I didn't want to leave and I came up with: tender COFFEE pancakes with nutmeg.. combined with creamy chocolate cream and slices of nectarine.. treat yourself and Your loved ones :)
Apple-nektariny juice with mint syrup
184 - - -
Morse is never too much! Before you choice for a tasty and healthy drink for the hot summer! Try it ;)

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