What to cook from Sausages more

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I stumbled on the photo of pinarli by watching ads one of the Moscow Greek restaurant. I loved these delicious pancakes in the shape of boats with different fillings. The secret of this dish is the restaurant's chefs do not disclose, therefore, to create the recipe had the most. On our website there is a recipe of pinarli, but it is only one. I suggest to you another interpretation of the delicious Greek dishes!
Soup "Yochai"
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Famous Hungarian bean soup, named after its author Yochai Mora. Mór jókai, a Hungarian novelist and one of the most influential figures in Hungarian literature of the NINETEENTH century, is known in Hungary and abroad and as a natural cook who enriched the Hungarian national cuisine and original recipes. Almost all Hungarian restaurants you can find dishes prepared according to his recipes, and bean soup more than a hundred years popular. The soup can be described in one word - rich! Thick, velvety, fragrant. I recommend to get acquainted.
Czech cabbage soup
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Here is a funny to the Russian ear, the name of this soup. But it is an ancient soup of the Czech peasants and it consists of potatoes, onions, sauerkraut and a large amount of meat. I don't know why the peasants were so much meat to cook this soup. By the way, telnack cook until now, and even served in the restaurants of Prague. However in them it is served in a bread pot and a glass of plum brandy.
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Kalia - a spicy, thick soup with a spicy and thick in consistency broth, cooked with the addition of brine, most often, cucumber. There are three types of first courses of this kind: Kalia, rassolnik and Solyanka. They are all very tasty and different from one another by the presence or grains, or potatoes, or other additives and, of course, the level of spiciness. Cal cook fish, meat, chicken broth or broth of fowl. Homeland cagli Finland and originally the soup was made only on fish broth (kala - fish), the more interesting how the soup was to belong to the Russian cuisine. Cal I cooked in chicken broth was very tasty, I recommend to try.
Goulash from Prague
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Recipe from the chef of one of the Prague restaurants. Goulash does not like troubles and, according to Czech men, not like women's hands. So when I learned how to cook the real Czech goulash, I've gathered a lot of praise. I want to share with you this art. Advise men to learn how to cook this dish. For a side dish to goulash, you can submit dumplings. Later I will add the recipe.
Almost Asturian of fabada
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Real Asturias of fabada is one of the most famous dishes of Spain - is a thick soup of white beans with ham and spicy chorizo. Offer you the option fabada of red beans with sausage, which are more common in our stores. However, replacing the ingredients, you can always enjoy the taste and aroma of this fabada.

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