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What to cook from Whiting more

Delicious blue whiting in the microwave
0.6k 5 10м 1
Let this fish is one of the inexpensive and is considered "cat", but it is considered one of the most useful and dietary dishes. Prepare quickly and turns out very tasty.
Microresist on vegetables with French mustard
273 - 40м 4
This recipe can be prepared not only Micronesia, but also blue whiting, Pollack and other "dry" fish. By sauce the fish turns out very juicy and flavorful.
Whiting stuffed with breadcrumbs and cheese
219 - 50м -
Blue whiting - low-cost marine fish. Very useful as all cod and all of any other species of marine fish. Dream up, from the nondescript, at first glance, the fish can get interesting, beautiful and of course tasty dish.
Salad "my Fish"
215 - 10м 3
I love fish in any form. And my men love cabbage salad, cucumber and onion. So I combined the two loves together.
Whiting beer "a La pastrami"
213 - 60м 2
For those who love fish to beer, but he is not a fisherman.
"beautiful eyes"
208 3.5 50м 5
Skinny funny sea blue whiting fish with big eyes looks adorable with meals, playing cheesy rolls on the back...

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