A mixture of milk

What to cook from A mixture of milk more

Cake from the milk mixture "baby"
1.3k 5 60м 8
Easy cake can be prepared using baby dry blend "baby".
Easter cupcakes
276 - - -
I invite you to make chocolate cupcakes with chocolate sweet nest and eggs, this tasty treat will be a festive table decoration, help yourself! The idea of chocolate nests thank you Yuliya!
Condensed milk at home
206 - - -
My daughter started an intense pace to absorb the condensed milk, but we all know that nowadays a little something natural can be found. So I make her homemade condensed milk in a special "raw" - the most usual baby milk mixture. All just to ugliness, so that sin not to cook!
Sweet "Truffles"
167 3 - -
Candy from a baby food or milk powder.
"Kreppel" for the baby
144 - 30м 1
Recently my son turned one year old. I wanted to please him with a delicious cake, which is not afraid to give the child. In the end, it turned pancake cake in the whey with cottage cheese cream. Very simple and delicious cobbler that will not take much time. I hope my recipe will be useful for mums and babies!
Candy "Temptation"
143 - 25м 40
Children do not feed bread, give something sweet! How to make the dessert was as delicious as it is useful. And if the child is allergic to sweet feed becomes a problem! Recipe of the useful and affordable products, quick enough to cook for mom this fact is one of the most important. I hope You enjoy my improvisation on the theme of chocolates "Truffle".

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