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What to cook from Nori more

The sushi
0.8k - - -
The sushi is fast food Korean. And I called it fast food because it's simple and straightforward dish that is sold in Korea at every step and it only costs $ 1 for a roll. We saw a similar one for 119 rubles. A little expensive, but still necessary to know the place. So I suggest to do it yourself.
Sushi "Funny Panda"
0.6k - 30м 10
For sushi lovers. I present to You sushi in a Fun Pandas. Very tasty and fun!
Nancy Korean hash
0.5k - 15м 2
I guess every kitchen in the world there are cold soups. In Korea this soup is called Nancy. "Nan" means "cold", and "Kuk" — "soup." Instead our brew Nancy pour a mixture of soy sauce, vinegar and water. And keep everything very loose.
Sushi cake Chuka
485 - 60м 8
To minimize the sushi and rolls require certain skills and experience. And the sushi cake is made much easier and faster. Bright, festive, beautiful, hearty and easy dish. All the nuances of preparation, you can see in the video.
Salad "Sushi combos"
457 - 15м 2
Offer you another recipe from the "mother, and prepare something delicious", but even with the addition of the "best sushi", the initiator is, as always, my eldest daughter. Ideas she, as always, come closer to 11-12 o'clock in the morning, and mom started to "create" alternative to sushi salad sushi combo because sostavlyayushey salad - on the basis of several types of sushi. It turned out great.
Maki, sushi roll "Mosaic"
451 - - -
Gunkan-Maki, tempura Maki, sake roll, temari sushi roll "Mosaic". And now in Russian. Gincana pumps, tempura - hot rolls, sake, temari - rice balls with salmon. It is not difficult! Hot and crispy spring rolls tempura will be appreciated by all without exception.

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