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Manchurian balls
275 - 30м 4
"the Manchurian balls" is the recipe vegetarian, recipe which came to us from northeast China – Manchuria. The Manchurian balls combine well with rice. Instead of green onions, the bulbs can be filled with different fillings from vegetables to mushrooms...
Lentils spicy
130 - 15м 4
The benefits of lentils we hear a lot, why do we so rarely eat it. But it and make that easy. Teach his household, often cook lentils and a thousand "Thank you" You securely. Spicy lentils can be served on a side dish or as a separate dish.
Samsa "Arab"
126 - 75м 4
Look how beautiful it still is possible to prepare samosa. "Arab" samosa is a work of art, no less. Help yourself, dear.
Fried fish in Bombay
124 5 40м -
Simple, fast, delicious. For lovers of fish and low calorie recipes. The singularity of the fish gives the batter in chickpea flour and not only... the Source of Iryna weinerman - Jazzedcook, thank you very much for snacks.
The lamb curry
112 - 240м -
How nice to come back! I come not with empty hands, and with a gift - a fragrant dish of India, which will pleasantly warm you in cold winter evenings. This is a very tasty, sharp and relaxed in preparation.
Salad "Pink cloud"
100 - 20м 4
A delicious salad of cauliflower and beets, beautiful and useful. Good as an appetizer or a full dinner, help yourself.

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