Semi-dry red wine

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Sangria Dolce Vita
362 - 180м 6
Sangria is an alcoholic cocktail native to Spain. Its history goes back more than 400 years. This cocktail is great because its preparation used products available. Good as the hot summer with ice and winter.
An unusual mulled wine "Heart"
315 - - -
In the cold of winter our body feels stress. And the most vulnerable at this time is the heart and blood vessels. It is necessary to maintain the body, so I suggest you drink in the style of mulled wine from products that you don't identify with the first SIP, but which are very good for the heart and blood vessels.
254 4 - -
The first month of winter is sometimes associated with champagne. This is on until December 31. And all other days should belong Pegu. At least so say our Scandinavian neighbours. The main ingredients usually include wine (usually red), spices, e.g., cinnamon and cloves, and sometimes made with vodka, akvavit or brandy. The mixture is heated but not brought to a boil so that the alcohol does not evaporate. The competition "new year tastes of the planet".
Pork "flambe" with wine sauce
253 - 30м 4
Tasty and flavorful meat with a wonderful sauce. Take the pork chops, you can substitute beef
Pork in red sauce with bread dumplings
204 - 90м 2
Many who visited the Czech Republic, have tried the famous Czech dumplings. I am no exception :) Today I was flooded with memories about Prague and about the delicious Czech food and I decided: for lunch meat with a fragrant gravy and dumplings. What can I say - the experiment was a success! Delicious creamy cranberry sauce, combined with delicate dumplings.. Mmm.. You should Try it, it's delicious!
Pork fillet stewed in wine with spices
198 - 80м 3
"Pork fillets themselves Braised in Spiced Wine" Fighting - undoubtedly the favorite method of Fritz, when he was preparing the pork, though every time invents something new. He puts the meat in beer, in wine with spices... Flavorful and tender it turns out.

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