What to cook from Semolina more

Apple pie "Christmas miracle"
453 - 60м 8
The Christmas holidays is Christmas! And it's this pie I'm baking for Christmas dinner when all our family will gather around a large Banquet table! This pie exceeded all my expectations! It really is a miracle! Very gentle, almost like a soufflé, moderately moist, awesome-flavorful! And each piece of pie tender, juicy apples! A part of this pie is very intriguing) - that he is "hooked"! Come, my dear Cooks, for a Cup of tea with a slice of fabulous cake!
446 - 60м 8
Basbousa - Eastern dessert traditional for Egypt. In fact it is a cake with semolina and coconut, soaked in sweet syrup. Juicy, sweet, delicious and very easy! Basbousa get even the hostess who bakes for the first time. The ingredients are readily available and easily replaceable, the most important to follow a few simple rules. Thanks to vanilla from Haas basbousa becomes even more refined Eastern fabulousness... help yourself!!!
Sweet Urbach and delicious biscuits for Breakfast "the Company, lifting!!!"
331 - 30м -
If you start the morning with the aroma of this cookie, it is your home "company" will not have to Wake up. They are going to the table. And going to school, even with a grab. And sweet Urbach, (urbes, urba, Orba) support, saturate and give a boost of energy.
305 - - -
Makrout is a cookies made from semolina with almond and cinnamon filling, soaked in honey and orange water. Real Eastern sweets is not difficult to prepare with his own hands. See it for yourself.
Pancakes with semolina
283 5 30м -
Delicious homemade cakes, served on the family table with sour cream, butter, honey, homemade jam, will satisfy your family and friends.
282 - 30м 6
Papanai (papanasi) - Romanian cheese pancakes, pancakes. Are almost without flour and without sugar, served with honey, jam, syrup or sweet sauce. Recipe in Romanian grandmother I added more flour, a little soda and voila - awesome cheesecake donuts!

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