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What to cook from Nutella more

199 3 120м 2
A delicious sweet dessert with chocolate and nutty flavor
Biscuits "Banana Whoopie"
191 - 60м 10
Whoopi is a widespread in America dessert. They are called cake, cookies, pie. This recipe is borrowed from the magazine "Deli". Presented to your attention Whoopi have a pronounced banana flavor, thanks to them in the dough, delicious, soft, with a thick layer of cream layer. A very good morning with a Cup of strong coffee.
Cake " Precious sun"
189 - 50м -
More warmth and light into Your home will bring this little sweetheart. Delight Your family and friends a nice Cup of tea in the autumn evening!
Rolls with Nutella and nuts
182 - 10м -
Mega-quick and very tasty dessert-style rhythm of our hasty city life. The perfect Duo of chocolate and nuts! You need to eat too quickly or not get it! PS. Say that like-minded people had the same idea. And after posting this recipe, it turned out that it is very similar to the recipe Anna Usa, but you can see the trajectory of thought, having a distance of thousands of kilometers from America to Spain in a week a bit distorted and the technology of preparation of took a different direction, so the doctors decided to leave this option. Our friendship connects continents!
Carrot cake with Nutella
178 - 80м 16
Carrot cake on the motives of the Brazilian, but with a few changes in the form of whole wheat flour, hazelnut cream and Nutella. Very juicy, flavorful and nutty!
Cake "Bunny"
174 4 120м 10
Did the daughter at 2 years old - 16 August. Everyone really liked. We celebrated in the country, therefore, it was necessary to do something without a heap of cream so that you can carry, and so it doesn't melt in the heat. The idea is taken from Cooking at home.

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