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What to cook from Quail more

Marinated quail grilled
487 - 60м 4
Very tempting and delicious quail will delight Your family and guests!
Quail (chickens) with sauce rose
278 5 60м 4
Another recipe from the love collection (collection Aphrodite), as I promised the fans of the chestnut trees. Roast the bird with a flavorful sauce. Chestnuts in the recipe you can substitute potatoes. Only mashed potatoes to make thinner than usual. Recipe taken from the book by Mexican writer Laura Esquivel "Like water for chocolate"
Quail in the marinade "Codornices en escabeche"
197 5 40м 2
Quail in the marinade is a popular Spanish dish. It is eaten both cold and hot. Often served with a salad (in a bowl crumble lettuce, tomato, onion, add olives, and top, cut into quarters, put the quail, salted and used as a vinaigrette marinade. Mmmm... Delicious!) Instead of quail you can use chicken or if you have a husband hunter game. They are so delicious!!! If you can stand not to eat all at once, I can fold a quail in a sterilized jar, pour the brine, roll up the cover and store in the fridge in case unexpected guests.
Miniature birds in a cherry ginger sauce
169 - 30м 2
Little meat, but it's delicious. And they look at the dish very glamorous. Who wants to try a quail in a fragrant and slightly spicy sauce, you are welcome!
Quail a La "Stifado"
166 - 180м 4
I managed to buy a few pounds of quail. I must say that the stores haven't seen them for a long time. In almost at once they were roasted and cooked in the sleeve, and at the weekend decided to Tinker and to cook something interesting. Those who do not like to bother with small stones, can not see a recipe for those who love to savor-you are welcome.
Salad "Olivier" prescription to 1860 "the Literary café"
159 - 180м 2
On the website there is an old salad recipe "Olivier". I have an even more ancient "Olivier," recipe of 1860 without compromise, and it differs from other recipes. I tried this salad in St. Petersburg, in the famous "the Literary café" in which he visited Alexander Pushkin and where he went to fatal duel on the Black river. There we came only to try the salad "Olivier" of the era. As argued in this cafe, this salad was served in 19th century Moscow gourmets of the Hermitage as a cold appetizer with cold vodka and liqueurs. Here it is prepared from original baked quail, meat chicken-smoked, caviar, capers and seasoned the sauce a real "Provencale". It is this salad I tried to reproduce.

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