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Thin pancakes with boiled condensed cocoa
228 - - 16
During the Maslenitsa week want to treat the family to delicious pancakes. These days come often and unexpectedly for guests with children. Every woman is trying to diversify the assortment of pastries. Offer you a recipe of very delicious pancakes that will delight your family and guests.
Cake "Stub"
222 4 40м 9
This cake I made for the birthday of her grandson, then a joy it was! Recipe found on the Internet, and I really liked it!
Cake "Bird-fries in chocolate"
148 - - -
It's a very very delicious cake for chocolate lovers baking. Soft cake, layers, resembling a sweet potato, a layer with peanut flavor and a layer of souffle - bird's milk. So I wanted all at once! This cake it is my pleasure to present Vikulenka - ms victoria at her birthday party! Here she is - a generous, open, loyal, ready for friends all at once! And I love her very much!
Chocolate salted cupcakes "Refinement"
137 - - -
Interesting, delicious and flavorful cupcakes. With a pronounced chocolate flavour and a subtle aftertaste of salted peanuts and dark chocolate. Easy in execution and not beaten recipe. This humble gift you want to present the birthday to the wonderful cooks Svetlana -Fox and Maria Eva Grimm. Help yourself!
Cake "Prague" from the package
128 - 90м 4
The cake is not meat and not fish!!! Vkusnogo! ... Mom thanks (kept, kept retseptiki hairy times)!!! Cake and tea - yeah that's it!!! It is the feast of the Lord!!! On the cake I invite all of you! And fun treat! Over it I've copala that you eat and supplements wanted:)!!! Friends!!! Thank you all for the support, attention, warmth and understanding!!! Your help in a difficult minute is precious seemed!!! THANK you!!!
Nut brownies without flour
127 - - 6
Fragrant nutty cakes with butter cream!

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