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Sea buckthorn tea with mint and cloves
394 - - -
Lately, the growing popularity of sea buckthorn tea, and this is not surprising because he has an amazing taste and is a real storehouse of nutrients. Come visit and get my version of sea buckthorn tea.
Green buckwheat with yogurt "Healthy Breakfast"
294 - 10м 3
Let's varied menu healthy Breakfast. The feature of the recipe that can be prepared both salty and sweet option. About the benefits of such food, no doubt. In addition, we will dispense with thermal processing.
Cheese-sea buckthorn dessert
281 - - -
Healthy and delicious autumn dessert, in which sea buckthorn is not only a storehouse of vitamins, vivid layer, but interesting taste! The proportions of cheese and cream you need to select respectively the original qualities of products available.
The beet salad and sea buckthorn
261 - 40м 1
Sea buckthorn is a recognized champion in vitamins and other vital biologically active substances. It unlike many other fruit plants are almost all the main water - and fat-soluble vitamins or their predecessors. Eat in good health!
Qari qyufta "Christmas decoration"
255 - 120м 10
The pride of Armenian cuisine - curry kufta. "Kar" in Armenian - stone. No one really knows how many centuries this dish. A long time ago, as the legend goes, it was cooked. Selected the best beef and long fought stone mallets before becoming meat in a magnificent viscous homogeneous mass. Usually, when we eat meat, feel the weight, it's the opposite here. Feels like we eat the souffle. Want to try? ... Present for the contest "Gorenje: Christmas song"
Pie "Solar fun"
192 - 60м 10
Sea buckthorn is a storehouse of vitamins, it can replace all the medicine chest. Does not lose its useful properties neither freeze, nor the heat treatment. The berry ripens in the autumn, why it is undeservedly forgotten last time. Offer You pie mousse and sea buckthorn dietary cake based on ovsyanyh flakes. Pie for those watching their waistlines and are not averse to enrich your diet with vitamins.

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