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What to cook from Oats more

Thick soup with oatmeal
228 - 90м 8
This soup I opened my mommy, now often cooked it for us with the bridegroom. Budget option and very hearty dish.
Kvass from Oats !!!
171 - - -
Oats regulates fat metabolism, eliminates toxins, lowers blood sugar and of course, my kvass from oats thirst quencher :) especially after training :)
Magic oatmeal drink with milk
157 - - -
Not for effect, I called this recipe. I'm sure that these recipes should be in the Arsenal of every housewife. After all, they save the most valuable thing we have - our health. The authorship of this recipe belongs to cook from God and the doctor - Eugene. Because the recommendation provides a professional, I quote them verbatim: "Perfectly restores the state after acute diseases, influenza, sore throats and pneumonia, perfectly establishes the digestion after abdominal surgery (resection of the Appendix, gallbladder, etc.), very useful in gastritis, peptic ulcer disease, cholecystitis and pancreatitis. Perfectly envelops the mucous membrane of the stomach. And kids as well it is better, pleasure to watch!" I'd add that the taste of the drink is very pleasant, and kids will not have to coax, will drink with pleasure.
Oatmeal pudding
154 - - -
Oatmeal pudding is shown in diseases of the liver, kidneys, gallbladder, pancreas, cardiovascular system, gastrointestinal tract (stomach ulcers, for example), diabetes and hypertension. It helps to cleanse the body, improve metabolism, improve efficiency and strengthen the immune system. Not so often you can find a food product having in its composition such a wide range of essential amino acids (tryptophan, lysine, choline, lecithin, methionine) and vitamins. Rich satovsky jelly and mineral substances (calcium, potassium, magnesium, iron, fluorine), to ensure the normal functioning of the body, supporting the water-salt balance and improves the function of enzymes. All these positive qualities of oatmeal and even slows the aging process, being a kind of natural biological stimulant. It increases stamina and tones the body, promotes longevity. In the West, the oatmeal referred to as “the Russian balm” and patented it as the “Miracle doctor Izotova jelly”. The basis for the preparation of the balm was the recipes of our ancestors cookbook “Domostroi”, monastic recipes from the XVI century. The idea of pickling oats on the basis of lactic fermentation for the preparation of the concentrate and extract the balm was born out of a combination of modern medical knowledge and experience of traditional medicine.
Cereal made with whole oats
144 - 270м 3
Cereal made with whole oats, stewed in a pot, is a traditional recipe of cereals in Russia. For lack of oven use oven. This porridge is much fluffier, rassypchatyh. Surprise your loved ones!
Bread with sunflower seeds, oatmeal and dried fruits
137 5 105м 10
I love bread. In all its manifestations:) But I like bread with various fillings. Often cook this bread at home itself. The recipe for this very simple, but a couple of crisp toast this bread for Breakfast, generously slathered with cream cheese or jam will not leave anyone indifferent:) If something similar is already there, please do not scold.

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