Vanilla cupcake

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Cupcakes "Snow globe"
136 - 40м 6
On this recipe I came across three years ago and was stunned by his beauty. It just captivated me, after all, edible! All this time I mentally prepared to cook it, because I thought it extremely complicated, but it's not. Everything is done quite easily and quickly, the most difficult is the balls, you need the experience. But how much joy and delight had guests! Especially children! Thank you for the recipe Elizabeth LaBau.
Unusual dessert "Ice cream in a flower pot"
123 - 20м 1
Unusual Dessert DIY / Afinka. This dish will be a great raffle on April 1. A child's celebration it will bring a lot of joy and pleasure.
Cheesecake with Apple and cinnamon
117 - 60м 6
In continuation of my dietary topics spread recipe cheese pudding that you eat with pleasure to all who are watching a figure. Especially for those who chose a high protein diet (Dukan, Atkins). Caloric there are only about 150 kcal per 100 grams and 9 grams of carbs, but that he does not lose the taste. And in combination with fresh coffee is just a fairy tale))) And it's not like a diet :-)
Easter cakes on skewers
116 - 90м 20
Very easy to prepare cakes. Beautiful, delicious! Try it for yourself!
A bouquet of cupcakes
111 - - -
This bouquet can be gift or use as a festive table decoration.
Cookies "dessert Crazy"
108 - 25м 5
Prepared for the first time, so - so- joking, but it turned out something magical! Melting in the mouth madness! Another way to call it a miracle, no way! Nothing easier in my life, I haven't cooked, but the result is amazing! Intended for one, was useful at all for another...that's how it is!

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