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What to cook from Ham more

Casserole German style c cassiram
403 - 70м 4
In fact, nothing special, this strange word is. Kasseler (Kassler) is a salted and slightly smoked pork, but essentially something like our smoked ham. In Germany it is often used for casseroles, and even boiled, fried or just in desserts is not added. Today, I offer the option of casseroles for a family lunch/dinner, for a change, so to speak. Delicious, hearty, home-style!
Salad "Sofit"
315 3 20м -
Very tasty and hearty salad. Its brightness can decorate a festive table.
294 - 100м -
How do you feel about meat pies?? Rather to the cake with spicy sausage... I make a very delicious pie "Hornet". This cake baked for Easter in Spain. Yeast dough, meat filling and boiled eggs...
Chicken "Tropikanka"
276 4 - -
Fragrant. Delicious. Juicy.
Meat "South-North"
243 3 80м 3
In this dish contains a combination of spices from the South and from the North (sweet paprika and juniper berries)
Soup "Moscow"
217 4 - -
The fourth collector from my collection. Very tasty, with the aroma of smoked meat... it is Better to try once!

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