Cuttlefish ink

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Black ravioli
217 - 60м 6
Each year on December 31... Agree that this phrase can check people in "Russianness" or "Soviet". If instantly any opinion " my friends and I go to the bath " immediately clear - OUR man! So, someone goes to the bath, someone looking dearly beloved " Irony ", and all Housewives of the country are cut together the ingredients for the favorite "Olivier" herring "coat" ))) Because Russia is a country of traditions! And most of all they are manifested, perhaps, in the new year : how not creative, and the salads and dumplings on new year's unavoidable, inevitable and immutable. Want to give charm to the holiday table?! Prepare black dumplings! I assure you, they will decorate your party!!! The recipe is extremely simple.
Risotto with cuttlefish ink
162 - 20м 1
Risotto with cuttlefish ink
"Red and black" pizza-Lux or black pizza
153 - - -
Somewhere heard something, and then everything was invented by... This recipe was invented, it is like a fantasy on the same topic: I heard somewhere that some glamorous chef came up with for their clients glamorous glamorous black pizza... the Recipe itself is secret, so that we too don't eat it! And what are we? Worse? We also for high born! I too wanted a glamorous black pizza... And it's so: wanted - so take out and put! Without hesitation, a trip to the super - all purchased, and I fancy not to take... Here is what came out... cautiously baked (the money is great, sorry for the bucket of feed!), cautiously ate - looks a bit too unusual - my culinary barbarian at first I thought that the pizza was burnt (and so it doesn't hurt fan!)... I tried... and liked! Taste unexpectedly delicious! In short, if you love yourself - I recommend! Not Imperial this business that no hitting is... Only the best for us, beloved! The name has nothing to do with the novel of Stendhal "Red and black" although I love this novel, but didn't know how to pizza and what his ears are to draw... the Only thing that justifies it is a beautiful name is a combination of two dominant colors on this pizza: black test and red fish also red and black caviar...
Passion for pasta - do it yourself
129 - - -
Due to this bad heat of the food can not watch... And to cook what you want. But here again I was in the hands of great products, so today will show a great option for "romantycznego evening" or so, for the soul.....
Eateries cakes choux pastry
129 - - -
Offer to prepare Diners cakes choux pastry. With toppings you can dream up and with the color too. For black I used cuttlefish ink.
Pasta with cuttlefish ink
119 - 60м 6
Will acquaint you with an unusual recipe for pasta with cuttlefish ink

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