Cake fruit

What to cook from Cake fruit more

BlackBerry vegetable cakes
159 - - -
Lenten cakes with BlackBerry-lemon flavor and aroma...)))Oh... sorry not everything was "to taste".. and I would love it gone))
Jam orange cake
154 - 65м -
Probably a cooked orange soda. The cake which remains after the drink, the majority is thrown away. And a very good reason. From, at first glance, useless meal, you can cook flavorful and tasty jam. It is very citrus, sweet with a slight bitterness.
Pie with Apple foam
143 - 60м 8
The recipe for this I found, when the question arose what to do with a huge amount of foam generated during the harvesting of Apple juice with a squeezer, which throw a pity, and to apply nowhere... In the end I found this here recipe. A cake is similar in appearance to the honey, and the taste, depending on apples. Cooked very quickly. Everyone who has an Apple orchard and juice maker, is dedicated to :)
Pink pancakes
142 3 - -
When the berries, fruits and vegetables, press juice, is hill cake. I always use it. Most often, bake him pancakes.
Pancakes "Crisis"
138 4 30м -
After the juicer remain pomace, the toad smothers to throw out. Fantasized and wrote down for my taste suitable even for those who watches over the figure.
The oil of sea buckthorn meal
128 - - -
From sea buckthorn juice make excellent preparations for the winter and, as a byproduct, it remains cake. Offer a simple recipe of homemade oil, infused sea buckthorn pomace. This healthy, flavorful oil is perfect for salad dressings, bread baking and other applications on request!

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