What to cook from Pancakes more

A dessert of pancakes and crepes
207 - 40м 6
A wonderful dessert with coffee flavor. Dessert enjoyed by adults and kids.
Strawberry-yogurt sauce
176 - 15м 2
Fragrant sauce with strawberries. Aroma of summer strawberries, taste great. A light and tasty sauce for pancakes and fritters.
Pancakes in Uralsky
169 - - -
It is, in fact, a way of serving pancakes, and not a separate dish. Very simple and tasty. So did my great-grandmother, then grandmother, my mom, now I do. These pancakes are very fond of children and men who, for the most part, sweet tooth. :-) Try and not judge us strictly for simplicity.
Beet nut butter
148 - 20м 4
One of the best and most delicious beet pasta, in my opinion. Tender texture and interesting flavor to please even not fans of beets. And she's very harmonious here, it's a little nuts, light acidity from the citrus and savory spices. This paste can be submitted to pancakes, pancakes, toasts or chips. The recipe is from English chef Tess ward.
Pancakes with cottage cheese-marshmallow filling "Bullseye"
144 - 30м -
Many moms know how hard it is to feed children cheese. Me too, when the baby was small, had to smotryatsya. The alternative was a dessert of marshmallows with cheese, which podkashivaet food dye or natural dyes and bottled in the original silicone molds. Children love pancakes with an interesting filling.
Sauce for pancakes "Green cream"
137 - 15м 5
Simple but very tasty and spicy sauce will add flavor to your holiday table!

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