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What to cook from Venison more

Venison Cacciatore
333 - 100м 4
All lovers of wild meat dedicated! Great recipe. The meat turns out juicy and soft. Because many people are afraid to cook wild meat... No reason! Try.
Stewed venison Scotch
194 - 180м -
Hearty and thick stew of venison, seasoned with sweet and sour cranberry jam, smoky bacon and grilled mushrooms. This is a classic Scottish way of cooking venison. Come celebrate the first advent.
Dried venison (heart) in Lapland
144 - - -
Stated in this way the meat has a high moisture resistance, unlike dried in the oven. Great camping food and beer!
Bucatini c stewed venison and lamb
133 3.7 15м 1
Pretty radical!
Venison sausage
121 - 60м 10
Sausages are delicious! Spices you can add at their discretion.
Venison in cranberry sauce
120 - 180м 12
Venison in cranberry sauce – the dish is very Siberian, there is a lot that is often found in these parts. Starting with the deer. Meat diet, low-fat, it is cooked rather easily, but this ease can be wrong: as easy to mess it up, overexposed, for example, on high heat. In short, deer – an animal timid and therefore requires a delicate approach. But when all is done wisely and with sufficient tact, the result is not just gorgeous and breathtaking!

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