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What to cook from Venison more

Venison Cacciatore
0.6k - 100м 4
All lovers of wild meat dedicated! Great recipe. The meat turns out juicy and soft. Because many people are afraid to cook wild meat... No reason! Try.
Stewed venison Scotch
421 - 180м -
Hearty and thick stew of venison, seasoned with sweet and sour cranberry jam, smoky bacon and grilled mushrooms. This is a classic Scottish way of cooking venison. Come celebrate the first advent.
Bucatini c stewed venison and lamb
251 3.7 15м 1
Pretty radical!
Roasted venison
249 - 30м 2
This recipe is nothing extraordinary. But... that's when I was faced with the problem of cooking this meat without any "quirks" that fill the Internet, found nothing. But I wanted to try the true taste of this unusual for our region meat. Cooked - very tasty and very fast!
Lagman with venison
244 - 70м 4
Non-traditional lagman. Long time since I wrote on the cook, recipes since that time, there were many, but for some reason this recipe I wanted to share. Still cooked it the first time. Meat was used venison. But otherwise everything seems as usual.
Belyashi with venison and green onions
243 - 120м 5
Ways of cooking tat much and they all differ in the method of making the dough, filling and forming. Today I offer to cook the meat patties stuffed with meat of venison with juicy chives. Of course a lot of oil, certainly a lot of calories, but it tastes so good! And when you're holding a hot tat with flavored filling inside and a crispy crust... anything else is not necessary, in the words of Colum McCann, "And let it revolve a wonderful world".

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