Wine white semi-dry

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Steam Chilean sea bass with sauce Sabayon
386 - 30м 1
Chilean sea bass can replace the conventional cod. It is desirable that the fillet was thicker.
Chicken with vegetables in a pot
262 5 30м 4
Delicious, hearty, useful.
Japanese soboro-don
234 - 20м 2
Rice with beef, sweet peas and egg. Bright and tasty dish, easy and hearty. Cold is also pleasant to the taste, so it is suitable for "food" (the lunch box).
Solyanka in Japanese
199 - 70м 5
Escanaba-Shire. "the Shire" in Japanese means "soup" and "estaba" translates literally as "the pot around" (in Japanese is not strong, therefore, we believe the Internet). That is, in fact, Estaba-shiru soup, into which you can put anything your heart and that there is in the fridge. In fact, it is the Japanese equivalent is known and beloved by many halophytes.
Seafood in wine sauce
183 - - 4
Seafood in wine sauce, baked in sea shells. If you want to surprise guests with delicious French cuisine, I suggest you to prepare this delicious seafood cocktail. Interesting in this feed - in marine shells. If you do not have such molds, it does not matter. It is possible to cook it in small ramekins for baking - remaking, the taste will not deteriorate!
173 3.5 - -
I planned my boyfriend's surprise romantic dinner. But I didn't know what to cook. A friend advised yaki-tori, and I'm not sorry I made it.

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