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Traditional Greek fish soup
286 - - 4
Greek soup... Yeah, not the Greeks we soups to learn, because we have them, and they are all different in different ways delicious!! The Greeks also ( I'm talking about classic, traditional soup) soup 1. The same set of products, the only difference in the basis of: fish - psarosoupa, chicken - kotosoupa, veal - mosharova! It's simple! They eat and bean soups, but the soups are not considered and called fasolada! So, the Greek soup! Simple and very tasty!!!
Salad "Snapped"
269 - - -
Tasty, fresh and at the same time satisfying salad is a perfect fit with a vegetarian menu. Can replace dinner.
Marinated mussels "Odessa"
264 3 - -
Looking site the recipe marinated mussels, found only 1... I wandered around the Internet and found what I came most of all.. I think those who love mussels , are interested in the recipe)))
Appetizer "Hortik of karousou"
223 - 30м 4
This dish of Armenian cuisine - a platter of vegetables in a fragrant sauce with lots of herbs. You will enjoy hortic well as a separate snack and as an accompaniment to hot. Is made from simple ingredients, long. Important point - different greens should be a lot, it is responsible for the flavor of the dish, especially important celery. In addition to this greenery sometimes even put green Basil and green onions - then the dish becomes even more flavorful. Try it! It's gorgeous!
Peanut soup
214 - 120м 8
An unusual soup made out of peanuts. Very tasty. This dish is pretty comprehensive. But if you are tired of everyday recipes and don't know what new to cook this soup just for you, for a change, and can be a little torment. ))) Original recipe from Bolivia it is called Sopa de mani.
Fish snack with rice
210 5 15м 2
A quick mini-starter motivated by Japanese canapés-sushi, a great start to any meal or snack food to alcohol!

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