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What to cook from Opara more

Air fried potato pies
312 5 - 6
Soft like down air fried pies with potatoes Always roast just for this recipe - the cakes are soft, airy and the outside crispy - the dough is never let down. So my mom cooked, so I cook and learn to cook your daughter. Try
Pancakes on yeast
255 - - 6
Offer a recipe for great pancakes sourdough. Prepare very simple, it. Baking of sourdough, you have to refresh the starter. So for the rest of the leaven of the offer apply for the benefit. You will be able to make waffles out of this test. Of course, if there is a waffle iron. Pancakes are delicious, soft and very beautiful. Fry in a bare frying pan, without adding oil.
KARELIAN bread (the most delicious bread baked by me so far)
213 5 - -
Today this bread is considered a luxury, and it was created after the war as a wheat analogue of Borodino, from 1950 became standard and won not one gold medal. Also surprisingly tried this tasty bread and simple - easy to bake even at home! Try it - you'll be charmed!
Baba "Autumn"
213 - 120м 10
Baba all familiar from childhood. My Grandmother autumn, she will be beautiful and the full skirt in sborochku and berry crown. This elegant Grandmother will appeal to both adults and children. Children to file, without adding rum. Apples-Ranetki, will give a special aroma to the syrup and take an active part in decorating this dessert. This Baba looks graceful and festive. Accept us graciously into your family recipes Rum women with cane sugar Mistral.
Buns "Daugavina" sponge method
193 - - -
Buns " Daugavina" also hails from the USSR. Where aged technology standards. Such rolls is already on the website, I offer these rolls, only with different technology. Buns are just wonderful, weightless, with this butter - yogurt smell. They need an oven, sure.
Pancakes from grandma
170 3 - -
Do experiments with no yeast wheat sourdough, made her pancakes, was very pleased with the result.

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