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What to cook from Lobster more

Salmon Neapolitan
245 - - -
If you like to surprise your family with unusual cuisine, then this recipe will definitely be of your liking.
168 - 60м 2
Ladies, mothers, grandmothers, sisters and friends this festive recipe for You. Yesterday walking past the fish shop, our eyes fell on lobster. No sooner said than done. Bought. Share the recipe with You.
Paella "Marisco"
142 - 50м 6
The most popular paella in Spain is paella with seafood (paella de mariscos). In the best restaurants it is cooked with broth made from fresh fish and small shrimp and langoustine, which was still moving when he was laying on the counter (morning catch). The rice absorbs all the flavors of the seafood and has a bright full-bodied taste. If you have no opportunity to buy fresh seafood, paella can be cooked from frozen. In addition, the paella can be cooked with many other ingredients, including chicken and pork. At the end of the recipe you will find a link to an article that describes in detail the history of paella and the method of its preparation.
Grilled salmon
133 - 90м 2
What is the scampi different from scampi? Tender meat and a subtle pleasant aroma. But they, of course, you need to prepare. Very tasty langoustines, grilled with garlic and chili pepper.
Langoustines grilled
131 - 90м 2
For almost 2 years as I Cook, everything is cooked according to the recipes of other chefs and he did not dare to put your. Prompted, oddly enough, football), Though in our family and not avid fans, but the atmosphere of the championship affected us) my husband and I Decided to watch the match Russia-Croatia as it should be - with a beer and something tasty=) tasty - salmon=) On the website very few recipes with these Goodies, so I decided to take the opportunity to share the recipe=)
Langoustines with pesto
125 - 25м 4
Hearty and healthy, besides looking elegant on a platter. The langoustine with pesto is the perfect appetizer for a dinner party. After cooking you will get 4 servings cooking Time: 25 minutes

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