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Green soup "Swan song"
262 - 40м 6
A little soup all grandmother nursed.. And because we, the grandchildren, it was a lot! On a tiny pension she could not live, she managed all of us to please! Borschets I called Swan song: eat it in one sitting - and interesting to live!!! We were inspired intense heat on my grandmother's borschets from childhood: come the summer time that you don't want much dish of the test...
The beet soup with fish
182 - 60м 10
Vintage Russian cold soup.
Prababushkin tea
170 3 - -
My great-grandmother was the most kind, caring and simple woman. She lived in Belarus in the small village, this tea is it we do every time we have stayed with her. As she spoke, during her childhood and youth do not have black tea "elephant" (which she cherished as a treasure for our dear guests, is of course the cost of the war, which she survived with such difficulty and fear for their young children), and they brewed this tea. I loved this tea for its aroma, taste and stories about her youth, love and war, of course, she always told me over a Cup of tea...
Soup of Hogweed with dumplings
158 3 - -
Hogweed is a very fragrant grass and one of the first from where you can make vitamin soup. And every year I try to prepare this soup, as did my grandmother. I really love it.
Ossetian pies
156 4 - -
Decided to show another Ossetian pie with my favorite toppings, I cook.
155 4.5 - -
not always possible to find nori and so we ..............

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