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What to cook from Truffle more

Mushroom soup with truffle oil and parmezanom chips
420 - 20м 2
I love mushroom soup, cook it very often, but I always want to add different notes, because even a favorite dish can get bored :))) I Propose You a little "cheer" everyone's favorite mushroom soup.
Truffle oil
136 - 7м 1
Once I was brought from Italy, black truffles. In order to preserve this rare, seasonal, delicious mushroom for a long time, I have prepared a fragrant truffle oil. If you are the lucky owner of this precious fungus, then this recipe is for you!
Fish snapper in parchment paper
131 - 50м 6
Excellent version of the fish dinner. You can prepare a La carte! Tender fish with a nice delicate sauce and vegetable garnish.
Sauce with truffles "Tartuffe"
128 - 45м 10
This sauce is a close relative of the famous "Cafe de Paris", that is prepared on the basis of butter. The advantages of this sauce include its long shelf life, ease of dosing and combination with different types of food.
Cake "Bright"
119 - - -
Bright cake, which will decorate any holiday!
On-grounds pastrami veal with onion chutney
113 - 120м 4
Originally pastroma made from beef: proslavili meat, and then smoked. I suggest the Lite version of veal and braised in a slow cooker. And for the marinade recipe thanks DeSole skyfuntik, which gave me a jar of paste of white truffle with Parmesan.

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