Neck chicken

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Chicken necks braised with tomatoes
289 - 60м 4
This is a recipe my dad. He often prepares the cervix, but I've always turned it down... don't understand how you can have the NECK. Have been stupid. In one remarkable day for lunch with nothing but the necks were not... had to try and I tasted and realized HOW DELICIOUS it is! I want to share with You the recipe, hope you also really like.
Pickle with chicken necks
166 - 60м 6
I saw on the counter chicken neck and decided to cook with them, pickle. It turned out rich, flavorful chicken soup with pearl barley.
Baked neck
165 - 35м 6
Quick and delicious recipe, especially when guests are on the way...
Onion Soup
151 - 45м 6
Very tasty spicy soup. Perfectly warm You in cold winter
Chicken neck
141 5 30м 3
The recipe itself is not))) but we such things love to chew on this evening...
Stuffed chicken neck
136 - - -
Chicken neck variruyutsya beef, prunes and wheat. Meat with plums is a popular combination of ingredients, and I must say, very harmonious. Meat with plums is quite suitable for the festive feast — the food is delicious, beautiful and nutritious. Thanks to prunes meat gets a pleasant sweet and sour taste that makes the dish very interesting and spicy. grits can be used totally different.

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