Pink semi-dry wine

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Sardines Venetian "Sarde in saôr"
317 - - -
This is one of the most delicious dishes of Venetian cuisine that turns this ordinary fish, like sardines, in a great snack. The recipe is an ancient method used by the Venetian fishermen for preserving food. Over time the recipe, including new ingredients, have acquired more refined tastes.
Cocktail "Pink Spritz"
164 - - -
Light refreshing Italian cocktail.
Pink trout in wine jelly "For lovers"
157 - 45м 12
France!!! This country is for most the epitome of romance, elegance, beauty and of course love. Who has not dreamed to spend at least a day alone with the beloved (Oh), it is in France... Today I offer the ancient recipe of Franche-comté, which attracts tourists with its beautiful nature, tranquility and delicious food. There are rivers and mountain streams full of trout... Franche-comté is the birthplace of the founder of French romanticism of Victor Hugo, who wrote "Always love each other wholeheartedly. In the world there is almost nothing but love". Hugo had always thought that in this world, "indeed the roads are not fame, not fortune, not talent, but the ability to love and be loved". So one day in France ... I wish you to spend a romantic evening with the beloved (th) and enjoy a classic dish from the province of Franche-Comte pink trout in wine jelly.
Raspberry Panna cotta with strawberry sauce
123 - 60м 6
After such a delicious, fragrant, delicate and light berry dessert you'll want to dance. A great option for the holiday table or cocktail party. Cooked very easy!
Shrimp with orange sauce
122 - 30м 2
Large shrimp are delicious by themselves and without embellishment. But combined with an exquisite orange sauce they turn into a dish without much hassle.
Skewers of chicken breast with apples
113 3 40м 3
Skewers of chicken fillet cooked on the grill along with the apples. Marinade recipe for chicken and technology of roasting kebab with apples.

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