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What to cook from Grain more

Rye malt
335 - 5м -
With́Lod — soaked and germinated seeds of grains: mostly barley, a less — rye, wheat, corn, triticale. The germination of cereal crops allows you to start the fermentation process. To stop further fermentation and removal of excess moisture germinated seeds are dried with hot air.
Bread "2 in 1"
240 - 200м -
The eternal problem – what to eat to lose weight? Or – as so to prepare, so tasty, and healthy? The answer is found!!! Looking for a long time, by trial and error. Finally, the result was Delicious and Healthy bread. So, to all lovers of healthy and delicious food, WELCOME!
Kuurma tea
219 4 6м 3
Milk tea with sprouted wheat - protects against colds and improves the overall body tone.
Bread "Stash" with cheese-mushroom sauce
203 - - -
I first came across the Chinese culinary sites on similar technology of making bread with sauce, wrapped in foil, passed. Wrap the sauce in the foil and bake in the test? Strange idea... But after seeing a similar recipe a second time, past have already failed. The result exceeded all my expectations! Soft bread with flavorful cheese-mushroom sauce... Impossible to stop! Now in our family, this bread is prepared often. Husband just loved this delicious bread with sauce!
Rye bread with whole grain and seeds
193 5 - -
I offer you another recipe of the yummy bread.
Ukrainian bagels
184 - 180м 8
Always affluence was determined by the amount of bread in the house, so we decided to decorate the house with various flour products. The most popular was bagels, pretzels, famous for drying and bagels. The word "bagel" is of Ukrainian origin, which means "bubble". Bagel is a female symbol. In some remote Ukrainian villages still preserved the tradition of the bride sprinkled with poppy seeds. The bride definitely hides in the folds of her dress a large donut that symbolizes what she has in store for the groom something delicious. During the festive lunch, the bride should suddenly get a bagel and throw them at the groom. If it accidentally gets into someone else, then it's not a good sign. Some girls who will soon be married, worn on the neck of a small dried bagels, hand-baked on the first day of spring. If a man accidentally eats like a bagel, he must, in that whatever was to marry the girl, otherwise waiting for him all sorts of misfortunes.

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