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What to cook from Octopus more

Octopus salad Sicilian
0.9k - 75м 2
Offer to go to Sicily and enjoy a salad with fresh vegetables and octopus. Bright, fresh and tasty salad for a good mood!!
Parfait scallops
349 5 600м 10
Parfait sea scallops with Gulf fish and seafood, carpaccio of tiger prawns with mint sorbet, accompanied by mint sauce and clams. A complicated dish. Worked hard, not for Amateurs.
Salad "fish Queen"
341 4 20м 4
Squid salad with crab meat and red caviar.
Octopus "the Boatswain in the release!"
311 4 60м 3
I all I've hurt, say Pickle Mayonnaise just to rant in the comments... Yes, you can! But... Mayonnaise and loves to eat. Therefore, I represent to Your attention a very simple recipe of sea food... Summer is hot! Summer is the sea. In this dish, and combined heat and sea.
197 5 1м 1
Octopus in wine.
Risotto with cuttlefish ink
162 - 20м 1
Risotto with cuttlefish ink

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