Cereals barley

What to cook from Cereals barley more

Bagels and everything
171 - 15м 4
It's about the dough to "White" rolls. I "rolled" on all the useful, diet, and most importantly, skim. So, as for my table, it really is. Husband to persuade is not impossible: it is too eager to fried potatoes with bacon:) And I eternal dietzia and experimentators - also sometimes wants to walk/pechennikova/sweet's inventing! Storonik diet is here!
Pancakes with apples and cereals
124 - 90м 6
Delicate sweet pastries for kids and adults who came to the fescue. I mean, today was such a Russian holiday.
Nuggets "Crunchies"
107 - - 2
The crunchy nuggets recipe!

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