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What to cook from Bran more

Fitness cocktail coconut bran
330 - - -
VERY vitamin cocktail it turned out! The composition of oat bran, which contain natural fiber, minerals and vitamins b and E. in cocktails coconut, parsley, etc. He will support our bodies during Great lent, when at the end of the stock is useful, but we need strength both mental and physical! In addition, it will help prepare for the summer season to those who are watching their weight. I suggest to prepare this cocktail, as soon as possible!
Bundt cake
304 5 50м 6
Very tasty, and most importantly, useful cupcake for kids and adults!!! Cooked very easily, simply and quickly from a minimum number of products, without butter. More useful this cake is the fact that in the dough I add rye bran, the taste is not affected. But it is possible to bake without them. The cake turns out very tasty and soft. Try it, you'll like it!!!
Rye bread without yeast
264 - 480м -
Bread baked without yeast and no wheat flour. I use only rye flour, water, salt and sugar. As additives use bran or semolina bran and different flours (flax, pumpkin, chickpeas, corn, etc.). The store bread is not desirable.
260 - 50м 8
This wonderful recipe I found on one food blog, and I really liked it. Stupice in Serbian means "sticks", as are baked in tins for Finance, but I don't, and I bake in a conventional mold for muffins. When our family got tired of just bread, we arrange fasting days and I bake these "healthy" mini-loaves, why? Look!
Doctoral bread according to GOST
252 - - 6
Very fragrant, tasty and healthy bread with added bran. Baked in small round rolls. National standards here is the recipe with the yeast and the option of sourdough.
Cheese sticks
242 - 35м 8
To all those who care about their health are advised to cook these tasty sticks. They will benefit and delight!

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