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Georgian fried "twinkle, twinkle"
410 - 10м 2
I'm interested in one dish from the menu of his favorite Georgian restaurant, where it is signified as "Chizhik-Pyzhik". Search the Internet a little something given, except that as a variant it is called "Siskins-BII" intelligent recipe is not caught, therefore, nothing to do, go back to the restaurant, ordered and dissect a interesting dish. Parse a fork into components, consider that there is determined by the amount of slicing, the taste pretends spices, and then come home and cook. Forgive me, Georgians, perhaps something I have wrong. If I'm correct the people who are in the subject, I'm just glad. After several approaches I have developed slim and simple recipe for delicious, nutritious and flavorful dishes for Breakfast. It is cooked very quickly and gives consumers a good boost of energy and positivity for the whole day.
Solyanka in Georgian from Ilya Lazerson
376 - 90м 4
Brutal recipe from chef Ilya Lazerson, who, in turn, tasted this dish in one of the institutions of Sochi and shared with us on your channel page impressions and, of course, by a recipe. As simple as possible in cooking and available ingredients.
Chicken in peanut sauce "BAJ"
355 - - -
Sauce "BAJ" (BAJ) with chicken. This walnut-garlic sauce with seasonings. This dish is cooked in Western Georgia. Also, this sauce can be used for fried fish.
298 - 120м 8
On site there are 19 variants of this dish)) I will Add your option.
198 3 40м 6
Not so long ago published we have a recipe of satsivi. Offer own variant with some differences. First of all, you'll be set herbs for satsivi. Preparing for a birthday in December, some guests were eating the sauce of all the dishes :))) Recipe shared friend, who has lived in Georgia for a long time. Thank You Vera:)
195 - - -
Bage - Georgian walnut sauce. Not to be confused with satsivi, though also very tasty, but much easier to cook and very quick. Bage is suitable for chicken, fish, vegetables and boiled eggs. The sauce is thick, rich, nutty, spicy and very flavorful. Each hostess your Bage with slight variations, but it is able to do every Georgian woman. It is really delicious. The Bages are used in cold and boil the BAJ is not necessary. Help yourself!

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