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What to cook from Balm more

"The frogs on the bump"
395 - 50м 3
The prototype of this dish was the recipe of an English chef Jamie Oliver "toad in the hole". But after changing some things in the original and seeing the result, I decided to call it "Frogs on the bump". Do not faint, you won't have to mess with these frogs, it's just sausages in the test.
Coconut duck gig
325 - 90м -
Hi all. Indoda different minimum fat content in the carcass and excellent tender meat. The idea to mix it with coconut milk, add some apples and corn on the cob and that's what came out of it. All elementary and simple. Especially the recipe suitable for cooking on the air, but in the oven it will be as beautiful.
"Amen, Hello"- sweet wheat
319 4 30м -
Healthy and tasty dessert for the whole family.
Cherry pechenocna
223 5 30м -
I'm sitting in the icing, can't get his fix, uncle, mom says, and the liver fried. Folk tales of the MAGHREB. You'll laugh, BUT again, Ya.
Hot chicory drink for adults
176 - 5м 2
Once in the Epiphany night... I Suggest to try a hot beverage from chicory for adults. With A Holiday!
Pie "Fig tree"
173 - - -
A little sweet due to the honey dough with a fragrant tangerine peel, fresh figs, cut in halves, soaked dark raisins, soaked in a fragrant balm and baked mascarpone cream with rum flavor. This special cake I want to congratulate with the Anniversary of my wonderful friend Marusenko!!! Happiness to you, dear!!!

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