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Halibut, poached in vegetable cushion
0.7k - - -
Wonderful dish for lovers of fish for dinner! Provided that you have prepared halibut fillet and half an hour of free time, is prepared easily and quickly.
0.6k - 30м 8
Anyone who has tried healton, will nourish his tender feelings always! This soup with vegetables and seafood native Korean dish. And considering the contents thereof are also very useful. Of course, not the budget, but believe me, it's worth it!!! Interested? Go!
Tige from the heads of halibut
323 - 30м 6
For lovers of Korean cuisine. In Korean cooking there is a variety of dishes that are called Tige. Something like a thick soup or stew. This is usually meat or fish with vegetables. Tige can be the main dish on the table. It is possible to prepare any of the fish pieces or fillets. But I like most of the heads of halibut. Halibut fish delicacy, the bad fat. And in the head of halibut a lot of bones and hryaschikov, so that the broth turns out great! Soup I cook for a long time. It is light but filling. Especially good after the holidays. This time I added in the recipe of a cabbage.
Braids fish in soy sauce
252 - 60м 4
I offer the fish in an unusual design - in the form of KOs. Dish will not require a lot of time and effort, you can decorate your table for a cozy family dinner. And soy sauce, KIKKOMAN will give the fish and the sauce a nice, spicy flavor and aroma.
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The recipe for nigiri-sushi with Kikkoman sauce for sushi and sashimi.
Salad "For You"
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Come to the 8th of March!

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