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What to cook from Paneer more

344 - 35м 4
Vegetable stew of potatoes and green beans with paneer cheese. Delicious!
240 - 15м -
Indian sweets Kalakand. Madly tasty and tender treat. You will appreciate the simplicity and speed of preparation
Tamatar paneer malai
152 - 10м 4
Dish of Indian cuisine. Garnish or additive to garnish.
Salad "Olivier" with paneer
114 - 60м 4
This recipe is for those who do not eat meat or who are fasting. This recipe I took from the book "the 108 recipes of vegetarian dishes".
Tamatar paneer malai
101 5 40м 6
Roasted tomatoes with cheese. (My debut dish on this site). This dish can be served separately or together with other dishes. Also you can add steamed green beans or roasted Kocheshkov cauliflower.
Paneer with tomatoes in a cream sauce
98 3 25м 4
Recipe for Indian dishes paneer-homemade cheese, found in the network. I liked the combination of favorite tomatoes, paneer, and thanks to the sour cream and the spices the dish is so juicy and spicy. Cooked very quickly and easy, but taste wonderful!

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