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What to cook from Papaya more

Rice with shrimp and papaya
299 4 - -
Fragrant coconut rice in papaya with shrimp.
Yellow smoothie "Exotics"
199 - - -
My family loves smoothies. St. the son has accustomed us to this magical drink. No evening without a smoothie, we can not do. I offer you this exotic, incredibly fragrant, thick smoothie.
188 4 2400м 1
for comparison
Smoothie "detox"
186 - 15м 3
I love Smoothies, I offer you 3 option to remove toxins from the body.
Banana smoothie papievis
172 - 5м 3
Today I want to offer you to prepare of vitamin smoothies, because sometimes our body is not even enough of all necessary vitamins and minerals. This smoothie is prepared in minutes and turns out very tasty, healthy and refreshing!
Melon smoothie with a banana
169 - 25м 5
Very tasty, healthy and flavorful smoothie.

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