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Cocktail "Monaco"
1.2k - 5м 1
And here is my hundredth recipe on the website! I want to mark the occasion a light and refreshing cocktail "Monaco" on the basis of beer, which is very popular in France, Switzerland and Belgium. I recommend on a hot day!
Portioned chickens gherkins, baked in the oven
1.1k - - -
Small portion chicken, in a spicy sauce, with a slight crunch and a delicious crust for a festive table! To cook easy and fast dish is amazingly delicious and presentable! What I love about feeding chickens gherkins guests for what these birds look good on the table, quick to prepare, and they do not need to be cut, one little portion, very comfortable, and very little calories! Cozy and yummy holidays, everyone!
Cake "Robin"
0.6k - 240м 16
Tender and flavorful, exquisite and sweet dessert. Two layers of airy mousse, bright touch of raspberry jelly and a rich taste of almond biscuit framed with whipped cream. The perfect ending to the holiday table, especially good for tea with lemon.
The cake
0.6k 5 180м 10
The pound cake which I baked mom a birthday!
Variations on a theme "Mojito"
488 5 - -
Light, tasty, refreshing drinks.
Dessert tarts with fruit and pistachio ice cream
479 4 30м -
Dessert tarts with fruit and pistachio ice cream is always a great joy for children and their parents for the holiday table! For the competition "Queen of the cocktail"

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