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Panna cotta ai loti
205 - 30м 6
Autumn is the season of persimmons, so I just had to share with you the recipe of a wonderful recipe with its use is the Panna cotta, we go for the recipe.
Cake "Napoleon" in Odessa
190 - 180м 10
Cake "Napoleon" is one of the most beloved and anticipated holiday feasts for my family! Sometimes, of course, prepared a La "Napoleon" from ready-made puff pastry or buttercream, well, it is, a quick hand, but sometimes still indulge their loved ones playing style cake, and this, of course, does not compare!!! And he has already a history... a Similar recipe long ago recorded in the notebook even the grandmother of my husband and a red pencil. "a recipe for aunt Sims from Odessa, very tasty" and is a fat plus sign +!!! And my husband gave me a book Savely Libkin "My Odessa cuisine", and it is almost the same recipe... and recently I brought to life! It turned out insanely delicious!!! Highly recommend and invite!!!
Rice pudding with pear
174 - - -
In Zepter cookware you can cook a variety of casseroles. Offer a recipe of rice pudding with pear, cooked on the stove, not the oven. Serve it with a creamy vanilla sauce.
Panna cotta
167 5 90м 10
Genre classics.
Lemongrass from Amalfi
164 - - -
The coast of the Gulf of Salerno in the Italian province of Salerno in the Campania region is considered the most beautiful in Italy. It is even listed as a world heritage site by UNESCO. While Amalfi is one of the most beautiful cities on this coast. It is believed that in Amalfi grow the most delicious in the light lemon and naturally, there was born the recipe of lemon pie. Actually lemon pies are made around the world, even where the lemons of life did not grow and grow never will. But the lemongrass from Amalfi special, it does not contain flour. Does not contain a single gram. It is prepared from almonds and cornmeal - polenta. The recipe is very simple and the taste of the cake too, simple, no frills, reminiscent of the manna with lemon. If you like manna, you here! The recipe showed in the "Eaten at home" Yulia Vysotskaya.
Muscovy cake "Heart"
159 - 300м 8
Having come recently to the site, I was happy to find that went to the new 5-th level, i.e. became a Cook of the 5th level. So today, in honor of this happy event, I came up with a recipe massovogo cake "Heart". I would very much like for everyone to share in fact, but can treat only virtual, unfortunately. Treat all comers and lovers mousse cakes.

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