Oil, soybean

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1.1k - 120м 8
Many researchers of Eastern cultures claim that it is a wonderful light and satisfying dish came to us from South Korea. This is evidenced not only thin noodles, which is its Foundation, but also rich specific spicy taste which gives the dish a special freshness and piquancy. Its name comes from the Korean word "Mexicali" — the mixture of different vegetables included in the soup. For the first time this dish, I had the opportunity to try not long ago, visiting Korean families, our friends, however, they lived all his life in Russia in Krasnodar, but I love native cuisine and cook Cooksey soul. I was pleasantly surprised and now I cook it is along this family recipe itself. I suggest to you to get acquainted with another recipe of a delicious cold soup that I'm sure will take its place in your cookbook and would be approved by my family and friends. This soup is simple, although it may seem like too long to prepare, believe me, it is not. Another great feature of the soup that all zagotovochki can be done in advance at home, this taste will only become richer, noodles buy Cooksey-mechenko, it is not necessary to cook - just soak in water, and the nature to enjoy a wonderful combination of fresh vegetables and tender meat with a refreshing broth. + bonus starter salad from kuksi with a sweet chili - lime from Blue Dragon on a potato flapjack
Korean chicken salad and cucumbers
252 - 30м 4
Offer you delicious, flavorful, spicy chicken salad, cucumbers, onions and carrots. The combination of ingredients in this salad the classic, but the cooking technique is somewhat different than usual, so the taste is different.
Arugula with Parma ham and two kinds of cheese
227 - 20м 4
Exquisite light salad for special occasions. The recipe is from the magazine "the Deli."
Appetizer of cabbage with carrots in Korean
161 - 15м 4
Revised recipes on the website, was surprised that no such (although may be wrong). My husband this recipe is so loved that make it almost every week. This vitamin snack can come in handy during Lent.
Vegetable soup with lentils in multivarku
151 - 120м 5
For one who is fasting. A very simple soup, delicious and low-calorie. Moreover, very useful. Because lentils do not accumulate in themselves harmful substances. It is useful in disorders of the nervous system, problems with the digestive tract, in diseases of the cardiovascular system. Normalizes the level of blood sugar. Vegetable proteins in its composition, easily digested, and complex carbohydrates have the ability to be broken down slowly, so the feeling of hunger comes soon.
Salad with chicken and cucumbers in Vietnamese
131 - 30м -
Fast, easy, delicious. The highlight of the salad gives sesame oil. Recipe from i_lara-LaRocco, thank you.

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