Curry paste

What to cook from Curry paste more

Laksa with shrimp
300 - 60м 6
Laksa with shrimp - this is the Malaysian noodles. As all Asian, it is sharpness, unusual for us, so I have the recipe wrote it, how much you need to add. And you really all the spicy ingredients and add gradually to your taste, then get this soup a real treat.
Vegetable soup with shrimp
165 - - -
Absolutely air vegetable soup with creamy taste and shrimp. Preparing in 15 minutes.
Chicken salad with cherries and curry sauce
159 - 75м 6
This is a festive salad with a surprisingly delicious exotic dressing. Mint is combined not with all dishes because of its pronounced taste (reminiscent of toothpaste), but here it fits just perfectly, giving a fresh spicy sauce. Chicken cooked in spices with lemon inside, it turns out very juicy and tender. The combination of fresh crispy lettuce with slices of fragrant chicken, sweet bright cherries and spicy sauce gives a great summer dish that will make your dinner celebration.
Minced beef with coconut Thai
138 - 30м 6
This dish is prepared from minced meat. As you know, beef - a product that is always useful to have in reserve: it is quickly prepared and is suitable for most side dishes. Of course, on the side it is better to choose foods such as fast cooking, such as cereals in the cooking bags from Mistral.
Chicken "Tikka masala"
133 - 45м 4
My generation was familiar with the Indian culture through Indian films that many people, including myself, loved. But with Indian food, we became acquainted much later. For me this meeting was very nice as Indian spices relished. This recipe is simple and fast. Around the house is a stunning aroma of curry and fresh bread, because simultaneously with the ranch chicken bake Indian naan. And to create atmosphere playing music from an Indian movie.
Pancakes with rice with curry sauce
133 - 60м 10
Pancakes with sweet filling made from rice, green onions and egg in cream sauce with spicy notes of Indian cuisine is perfect for brunch Sunday for the whole family. The dish is not expensive, and easy to prepare. If you have no curry paste in the sauce you can add fresh ginger, garlic, lemon zest and ground curry.

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