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French liquor "44"
238 4 44м 1
Offer for the New year to cook a very tasty alcoholic beverage: Liquor "44" While there is time!!! The cooking time is 44 days!!! Check for yourself and friends!!!
Buns with sugar
235 - - -
On the Cook a lot of different recipes of rolls. View my - with a very simple filling.
Princess porridge and Prince milk
190 - 15м 1
Why Princess Prince Mush and Milk?? Yes, because the most banal semolina can turn into a delicious and very useful! My child, I cook porridge in milk of pine, because pine nuts contain proteins, polyunsaturated fatty acids, complex b vitamins, E, A, which play a crucial role in the formation of a growing organism, therefore, the cedar milk can be recommended for pregnant and nursing mothers to enhance lactation, children, teenagers and even men. Semolina prepares quickly, so retains all the nutrients in the cooking process. Especially when the child still and tell the popular tale of Larissa Klevtsova, it's like tradition, when the Breakfast porridge! But... everything in order...
French coffee
175 5 5м 1
A lot of controversy about the benefits of coffee. But this recipe is very tasty.
Cocktail "Kiss of Anjou"
171 - - -
A wonderful, almost exotic, cocktail. Did for the New year, but to publish this recipe then just didn't have time - so we decided now.... In the photo there is, of course, not the drink, this just reminds of good times.
Semolina with breadcrumbs in Gurievsky
159 - 25м 2
And hearty, and tasty!

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