What to cook from Pasternak more

Tripe boiled
1.6k - 330м 6
Hi all. Today we will prepare delicious dish-namely, tripe or tripe beef. I bought already peeled product, but some of the secrets of getting rid of odor is inherent to the tripe still there. Read carefully the comments to the photos and all will become clear. Simple and delicious, but not very fast. Although it can be cooked in a slow cooker.
Pilau of rabbit
0.9k 5 60м 8
Came to me on one occasion, a rabbit from the village and I decided to cook him risotto. Very very good.
Stuffed pepper
462 3 60м 8
My mother and I for the winter in jars close the peppers to winter his stuff. Present for your consideration my version of stuffed pepper.
Soup of pike-perch or pike
454 - 60м 8
Rich soup of your choice: pike or walleye.
Soup-parsnip puree
429 - - -
For this soup is characterized by a delicate taste, subtle flavor of spices and a subtle Apple fragrance.
Vegetable broth
407 - 90м -
What a bouillon cube? Many recipes need vegetable broth, and as it turned out, cook it simple, and the taste is simply delicious. For this recipe I am grateful to Maria Savelyeva (madler - LJ nick), she also suggested to freeze the broth in bags or sudochki, so you will always have at hand a real and very tasty broth. Let's get started!

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