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Tripe boiled
0.7k - 330м 6
Hi all. Today we will prepare delicious dish-namely, tripe or tripe beef. I bought already peeled product, but some of the secrets of getting rid of odor is inherent to the tripe still there. Read carefully the comments to the photos and all will become clear. Simple and delicious, but not very fast. Although it can be cooked in a slow cooker.
Pilau of rabbit
433 5 60м 8
Came to me on one occasion, a rabbit from the village and I decided to cook him risotto. Very very good.
Soup of pike-perch or pike
219 - 60м 8
Rich soup of your choice: pike or walleye.
Stuffed pepper
165 3 60м 8
My mother and I for the winter in jars close the peppers to winter his stuff. Present for your consideration my version of stuffed pepper.
Soup with dumplings
164 - 120м 8
Soup is a magic potion!!! No matter how much I prepare, and each hostess or chef will get your taste! I really wanted to repeat grandma's soup from my childhood, reminiscent of the summer in the village. Here's to you, dear cooks, share!
Duck confit in crepes with vegetable stew
163 - 120м 8
Duck confit is probably the best thing I can cook. This recipe I use already for 15 years and always made a duck for the New year because of its wonderful aroma fills the whole house and creates a festive atmosphere. I served it with baked potatoes and vegetables. Duck is very long cooked in fat at a low temperature, literally falling apart when pressed with a fork and melts in your mouth. And duck confit disassembled into thin fibers, it is a great filler for crepes, which are served on a mattress of steamed vegetables. This stew is also very tasty, but less expensive and useful.

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