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What to cook from Candy more

Pancakes with pear and lemon souffle
0.5k - 30м 8
Unusual and at the same time delicious filling of pears and souffles. This filling does not require the addition of sugar or honey as its ingredients are quite sweet.
Pancakes "the little cherry"
280 4 45м 6
I congratulate all with the beginning of carnival, and like to treat you to pancakes!
Kyufta in Tabriz
219 - 180м 10
I again cooked the books of the Elder hankishieva. Here is an interesting set of products, because not always we are preparing the meatballs with raisins or marshmallows... And of course spices and condiments... Yes, even a small help Tabriz is an Iranian city, a neighbor of Azerbaijan.
Bean soup with nuts and dried fruits
173 5 100м -
Don't be put off by the name, very tasty, rich soup, completely replace both the first and second dish.
Fish roulade
169 4 90м -
Unusual, delicious, original. The fish with the stuffing and no bones.
Cupcakes "Pink Panther"
141 - 45м 8
Flavorful sponge cupcakes with a nice surprise inside. A great addition to tea during the Christmas holidays and not only.

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